Boops scented candle 8oz


Boops Candles is named after our silkie hen Huey, who we call Boops! Only, she is not like a typical silkie, oh no, not sweet and docile at all! But we love her anyway.

Boops 8oz candles are 100% soy wax. Meaning there are no additives. We hand pour, decorate, and package each item with care. We try to be as ECO conscience as possible with our packaging and products.  We created our Repurposed Collection with the mindset of reusing candle jars without having mixed options. Boops wants to encourage you to send those glass jars back to us to reuse. At no cost to you!

SCENTS AVAILABLE: ***Please specify your scent choice in NOTES SECTION***

  • Gardenia & Coconut Cream


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